Build an algorithm development pipeline

Algorithms are fundamental to modern innovation. The very phrase “new technology for X…”, found often in technology and science reporting, often refers to a small or large piece of code that brings to life an algorithm to achieve a certain, often obscured, goal. This innovation creates competition between established technology…

And why many startups can’t innovate at the cutting-edge

Some of the very well-acknowledged authorities on start-ups, and business in general, have a normative view on the gulf between the two types of engineering leadership that a team at an innovation start-up requires. An engineering team needs direction, perfection, management, and motivation in order to deliver exceptional results. The…

On losing someone and a return to individuality

She gazes at an inconsequential spot on the floor, fully settled into a vacant stare. She barely moves, and she barely reacts to sounds around her. Her arms lie motionless on her lap, the gold bangles on her wrists making no sound. Her hair is braided, but several wisps escape…

A ritual of communication is more important for getting into the headspace of writing than it is to actually put words on the page

Coming into your own as a writer is a long drawn-out process, mostly because it takes time to really understand what constitutes being one. A good writer is many things at once — a fabricator, a raconteur, a poet, a language expert, a domain expert, and an imaginative. He or…

First discover your own life worth striving for, then define your goals and do what it takes

The most awe-inspiring things I encounter tend to be at their incipient stages. Sometimes clandestine, but often absent from plain sight because we’re just not looking, these are fledgling efforts.

New-born ideas.

Unproven adventures.

When this realization crept up on me (and it took years to truly become definitive), I…

The key metric around which electric vehicle marketing is centred and what to make of it

The Hyundai Kona Electric just achieved more than 1000 km on a single charge. Is this good news for electric vehicles?

Well, a better question would be: is this even news for electric vehicles?

Let me start off by saying that this feat naturally serves two purposes, and neither is…

Read long and prosper!

The internet is a rabbit hole of information. And yet, it is perhaps the most misjudged and undervalued of all avenues of learning!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We all lead fast-paced lives, and while time has historically been the costliest commodity that we can trade in, the latest…

Sarang Deshpande

Co-founder at Flow Mobility (urban mobility architecture); prev: EV platforms | Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat — it’s only opening the box that does. Sometimes.

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